The System is a multi-season drama series that revolves around "The War on Drugs” and its expansion into a middle-class suburban community. As a white father with mixed-race kids, I learned something I'd never experienced growing up. That is how the war on drugs targets minorities for prosecution. My sons and their black friends were getting stopped and searched while their white friends were being let off. I wanted to know why.

-Howard Bowler, Creator 

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When Daniel’s girlfriend becomes the victim of a police assault, he begins a journey of discovery that reveals a massive corporate/political conspiracy involving members of local government, the police, school authorities and even parent organizations. On his journey, Daniel discovers that he is in a unique position to expose and challenge a system that has been designed to take him out of the equation.

Hobo Films is proud to share the pilot episode for The System through KweliTV, a platform for over 350+ award winning indie films, documentaries, web series & kids shows celebrating global black culture from around the world.

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